Hello! I am an Agile Practitioner - an expert in agile methods for developing programs, systems and services.

I have more than 25 years of professional experience in the IT industry: SaaS product development management since 2018, IT consulting in government and finance since 2000.

I started as a developer in custom development - and there I gained a lot of experience in designing and developing analytical data warehouses. After 8 years of development, I made the transition to project management and have been doing this for about 10 years.

After that, I started the development office from scratch, from where two years later I moved to product development at Miro, where I spent 4 years managing development, scaling the team and setting up processes.

Currently I am engaged in the implementation and improvement of agile practices in Lanit, and also provide services as an independent consultant.

I have both experience in managing large project teams, including coordinating the work of several working groups at the same time, and extensive experience in various agile practices.

I take a coaching approach to my work (before it was a hype) and am always ready to help/support professional development.

My super-powers
  • …work with company culture
  • …explain Agile
  • …practice Scrum
  • …use the Kanban method
  • …analyze the processes in the team and find where time/money is wasted
  • …give recommendations on the organization of production processes
  • …improve the goal setting process - OKRs
  • …suitable process and maturity metrics
  • …manage change based on data
  • …the employees are motivated
  • …build/improve the hiring process

and I can teach it

My super-powers
  • Build effective development teams - shape recruitment, scaling and motivation processes
  • See system problems and offer solutions - optimize not only around local maxima

For further acquaintance, I propose reading my articles